The Rules

Fishing Rules:

    • Each angler must be in possession of a 42 inch minimum landing net(suitable landing nets can be hired from us, DEPOSIT REQUIRED).A large padded unhooking mat(mats can be hired from us, DEPOSIT REQUIRED).NETS UNDER 42" & TINY WAFER THIN MATS ARE BANNED,THIS IS FOR THE HEALTH & SAFETY OF OUR CARP. All nets & mats to be dipped in our antiseptic (?) tanks on arrival.
    • Reel line to be a minimum of 15lb
    • No braided mainlines,leadcore or any kind of shock/snag leader
    • No fixed leads
    • Barbless hooks or microbarb only, no bent hooks.
    • No rods to be left unattended (sods law it’ll rip off when your away!)
    • No fish to be sacked under any circumstances.
    • Fish to be returned as quickly as possible, whilst on mat keep the fish wet (bucket in every swim), Always hold fish over mat, DO NOT STAND UP WITH FISH!!
    • Antiseptic e.g. (Klin-ic Tamodine)  or Bonjela are compulsory
    • The boat is only to be used to free snagged fish.
    • No nuts, seeds or pulses to be used other than hemp and sweetcorn
    • No shelf life boiled baits
    • 3 rods per angler
    • Any Goo products are not to be used on the lake anyone caught using them will be asked to leave.
Lake Summary: Fish Summary:
Size: 4.5
Depth: 9 feet at it's deepest to one foot in the shallows
Bed: Firm gravel bed with stone and silt patches. a
Carp stock: Mirrors & commons to over 40lbs Other Fish: Catfish, tench, perch, roach, rudd & pike. Sturgeon & Zandar.
Facilities: Special Features:
4 Cabins with bed chairs
Private Bankside Mobile Home.
Night Fishing - Yes
English spoken - Yes

Linda's Mealz on Reelz.
Two small islands, over-hanging trees at margins

Designated parking area. No vehicle access around the lake.

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For information and booking contact:

Robin & Linda Parrish
Les Burons
St Berthevin La Tanniere
53220 France

Tel. 00 332 43052683
Fax. 00 332 43052683
email [email protected]

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