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This short video shows our lake on a beautiful sunny day.
Listen and you can hear the birds..but not much else.
Surrounded by the scenic French countryside our lake offers you great fishing and pleasent surroundings.

Now you don't have to rely on can see our lake, just as our visitors see it.


We invite you to show YOUR videos on the pages of our Video Diary.
There are imitations.... Your video should last about as long as our demo above and the file should not be much more than 5 - 6 megabytes. If you cannot edit on you computer, try to record in short snippets and email your best and we will sort it for best display.

To add the completive spirit for those who do not use video....send in your pics..not just the catch pics, include the best of your "holiday snaps" either the brilliant sunsets we have here...or anything you think shows the great time you had on your visit.

If you have video you think would be of interest to other visitors or those considering a booking...please email  to:- [email protected] and put the words "Les Burons" in the email title.

PLEASE...dont send the one hour video tape...just a small clip with a viewing time of about two minutes.

We are still waiting for your none catch pictures of interest, showing the lake or surrounding area etc.

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For information and booking contact:

Robin & Linda Parrish
Les Burons
St Berthevin La Tanniere
53220 France

Tel. 00 332 43052683
Fax. 00 332 43052683
email [email protected]

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